Asking questions is critical to your success…

No matter the business, the job or the opportunity it is important that you look at it with curiosity. How do you know if you don’t ask. More importantly, what if you don’t know what questions to ask, keep reading…

Below I will share 11 questions for you to consider as you review different ways to make money online.

Let’s get started…

Question 1: Is this a business or a Job?
Question 2: Who will decide your schedule; you or someone else?
Question 3: Do you really want a boss?
Question 4: Will you make enough money for the time required?
Question 5: Will there be less time and more stress if you accept the offer?
Question 6: Is this a business or an opportunity?
Question 7: Will you have to sell a product; makeup, vitamins, weight loss supplements, etc.?
Question 8: Do you really want to sell something?
Question 9: Is there a large investment for you to get started?
Question 10: How much product will you have to buy to get started?
Question 11: Is an auto-ship required to be paid your commissions?
Question 12: Is it a product you would buy in the store?
Question 13: Will you have to recruit and train people?
Question 14: Will you have to recruit and sell your family, friends and acquaintances?
Question 15: Will you have to build and manage a team?
Question 16: Will there be meeting for you to attend and people to invite?
Question 17: How much time will it really take for you to make the extra money you want to make?
Question 18: How many people will you have to recruit to make the extra money you want to make?
Question 19: How much product will you have to sell to make the extra money you want to make?
Question 20: Is there better way?

What if you could…

– Be the boss
– Decide how much money you want to make
– Decide how much you want to work
– Set your own schedule

Seriously, what if you really could make the extra money you need? …what would change?

Settling for a job or another opportunity isn’t the way to make it happen.

DS Domination is a business, not a job or an opportunity.

DS Domination is a legitimate way for you to make money online.

Things Have Changed, DS Domination is gone…

Today, I’m still working and generating money online.

DS Domination was great, I learned a great deal and more importantly…

I used what I learned to make money!

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James Possible (aka DS Domination Dad)